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Puzzle set: 24 Hour Puzzle Marathon, 2016 edition

Took me a bit longer this year, but here’s my set for the 24 hours from April. I took a bit of a different approach this year, with four puzzles each of six more or less standard puzzle types. My hope was to make the round a bit more approachable than in previous years, though this may have been taking it a bit far. But I think the round worked out fine in the contest.

Individual puzzles below, or get the whole set in PDF: 2016-24h-rob-puzzles.

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Puzzle set: 24 Hour Puzzle Marathon, 2015 edition

This year’s 24 hour puzzle marathon is just over. Thanks to the organizers, authors and participants for a great weekend. I contributed a round again. It turned out a little less polished and balanced than last year’s, but there’s a couple of nice puzzles in there. Puzzles below, or grab a copy of the  booklet.

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