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Puzzle 103: Keller, Fences+Dominoes

Next Keller puzzle. Some of the logic may have been lost in completing the domino part for this one. I find the restrictions that the compatible domino tiling imposes on the loop to be quite interesting in this type, the interaction with the domino puzzle as such less so.


Rules The left grid is a domino dissection puzzle. Divide the grid into 2×1-areas such that each domino occurs exactly once. The right grid is a standard fences/slitherlink.

The grids interact: Superimposed over the solved domino grid, the fence can’t bisect a domino.


Puzzle 9: Domino Extra


Rules Find the whole set of dominos with numbers 1 to 6 by dividing the grid into orthogonally connected areas with two digits each.

This variation on the standard Domino puzzle featured on the Dutch round of last year’s WPC, there’s some more on Bram’s blog.

There should be two quite different ways to get started on this one.