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Puzzles 145, 146: Masyu

Towards the end of last year Grant Fikes ran a puzzle construction contest on his blog: instructions, results. With the aid of random.org, I managed to defend the title from the previous Logicsmith Exhibition, tied by score with Nikola Zivanovic.

The objective was to construct a 10×10 Masyu puzzle that leaves over a battle ship fleet of empty cells while minimizing the number of clues. That turned out to be quite a fun challenge, and led to some rather nice puzzles, which I didn’t quite expect. I was a bit worried the contest would be won by optimal computer-generated submissions, but it seems no one went to that effort. Instead, I’m left curious as to how close to the optimimum we got with 8+7 clues.

Here are my two submissions (rules).masyu-logicsmith-2(solve on pzv.jp)

masyu-logicsmith-4(solve on pzv.jp)


Puzzle 36: Masyu Reconstruction

Second to last in the series, this is a Masyu Reconstruction. The one on the contest turned out to be pretty similar in style. The type could also go another way, with a heavier focus on making a puzzle unique with few givens.


Rules Place black and white pearls in some cells to form a valid Masyu puzzle, such that the clues in a row or column are equal to the outside givens in that order.